How to Clean Suede

Suede materials are not quite easy to come by. In fact it takes only those who know how to maintain the shoes to be able to wear it conveniently. It is a very great addition to fashion, in fact it is a special kind of fashion accessory that can add a lot of respectability to your attire. But the truth of the matter is that whosoever is ready to purchase this fashion accessory must also be ready to purchase what it take s to maintain it.

In the dusty kind of environment, a suede shoe is not the kind that can easily be enjoyed. So for you to be able to enjoy this fashion accessory in any kind of place whatsoever, you will need to be ready to carry out constant cleaning operation on it.

The surface of all the types of suede materials that we have are susceptible to easy scuffing and it can get so easily dirty. Those who use any suede material will be able to agree with me that suede materials are far from being easy to clean. Ordinary brushing of the materials will not be enough to return it to its natural appearance again. The fashion accessory requires more than that.

There are simple protective or maintenance actions you can carry out on your suede materials that can help you keep the material from getting spoilt too quickly. Do not allow even a drop of water to stay too long on the materials. Each time you notice that there is a drop of water, please wipe it off instantly. If not, the water will soak into the fabric and the damaging process will begin.

Some people do make the mistake of applying heat to dry these fashion accessories. This is a very bad practice. It is better to allow the suede material to dry out naturally on its own after it might have been wetted. Suede tends to collapse and loose their original shape after being wetted. To make sure that this is never the case, it is better to stuff the suede material with some dry paper so that it will be able to maintain its shape.

When you want to clean your suede material, you can use either clan towel or a napkin to clean the surface. If you notice any small wet stain, quickly blot it out using a paper towel. If the stain is dry anyway, a good pencil eraser will go a long way in helping you to do the cleaning.

If you notice any clump of dirt on the fashion accessory, it will be best to clean it up with a fingernail file, but if this is not available you can make use of a clean dry tooth brush.

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