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Before You Buy Vintage Clothing

Hey friend, wait there! Are you panning to go shopping for vintage clothing? Not so fast. I want to suggesr to you to check out certain things you will need to be able to identify a proper vintage clothe and the right one for you before you go. Not having this fore hand information may end up leading to you purchasing something you may end up regretting at the end of the day. So I want to suggest to you to take sometime off and check out tha analysis that I have below so that you will have some kind of guide in your quest to purchase vintage clothing.

I personally do not agree with the idea of purchasing your vintage clothing online. I have my misgivings about that ides. I see it as a method that will not permit me to have a physical examination of what I am purchasing. A beautiful looking cloth on line may actually not be as beautiful in real life. so I prefer paying a direst visit to the vintage store so as to have the opportunity of feeling what I want to buy with my bare hands. By this I am sure of taking note of any kind of fault.

While purchasing your vintage clothing, you will need to first of all have a feel of what you are purchasing, check whether the colors are faded. Though, the truth of the matter is that, you can rarely find a vintage clothe that still has its color as fresh as new, but you will still need to watch out for excessive fading of the vintage cloth. It wont be economically wise for you to purchase something that you will not be able to get your money worth of value out of.

You wil also do well to check out for any tear on the garment. You will need to have keen eye sight to be ablt to find these out. Every crevice and corners need to be checked in order to remove the possibility of you purchasing an already torn vintage clothing unknowingly. Purchasing such a torn material means that you will need to go through the challenge of having to sew these stuffs again.

Don’t just purchase a vintage clothe because it is beautiful looking or because it is flashy. Instead, make sure it will size you properly. You can make sure of this by going along to make your purxhse with a measuring tape.

You will alos like to check the vintage clothing for any kind of stains. Some of these stains can be very permanent, hence the need to make sure that what you are purchasing is stain free. Check places like the armpit and even the collar for any of these permanent stains before making your purchase.

Fashion Tips

Basic Wardrobe Planning

The idea of planning your wardrobe can be really challenging, especially for a man, who had not been used to the idea of having to organize certain stuffs. A woman any way should not be too much bordered about this whole idea. Wardrobe planning should be a kind of inborn thing for them. But the truth of the matter is that, most women still find the idea of planning a wardrobe to be very daunting. The problem comes with having to combine this task of organizing and planning a wardrobe with several other home chores. The idea of having to change your wardrobe can even end up been an up hill task knowing that you will need to begin again the whole wardrobe planning task all over again. You will need to put in a lot of planning in stocking your wardrobe especially if you will need to manage scarce resources for the purpose of setting up your wardrobe.

For you to be able to plan your wardrobe properly there are certain facts you will need to put into great consideration. You will first need to determine what you will need these clothing for. This is where it starts. If you are the type that works in an office, you should simply look for outfits that can be worn for that purpose. As much as possible, it is better to get something that will last for a considerable period of time less you have to begin again within a short period of time. This anyway will depend on your budget for clothing.

The make up of your wardrobe also depend on the kind of color you love. In choosing color anyway, you will need to match color properly so as not to commit the offence of being color blinded. Make sure that the color combination is the type that matches. You don’t need to have the seven colors of a rainbow featuring on you before we can say you are complete. A simple combination of two or three color can be enough to set you off for the day. You can combine black along with red and white. You will also need to note that certain color combination that looks good on someone else may not look so good on you, so choose something that will match your appearance. A color consultant or a stylist will be able to help you out in this regard.

While choosing your dresses, make sure that they are the type you can easily combine with any other type of cloth and make sure that they are the type that will last for an enduring period of time. This is why it is not wise to choose something that is in vogue; they tend to be out of fashion in no time.

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How to Wear a Scarf

I shouldn’t be asking you whether or not you have a scarf, it is a rather out of place question to ask, knowing fully well that there is rarely any woman under the surface of the earth (even kids), who do not have a scarf.

The use of this women fashion accessory had become so much pronounced these days. In those days of the inception of the use of the scarf, it wasn’t seen as a fashionable thing. But these days it is now a trendy thing for women to wear a scarf on their heads. This twist of event must have been due to the great designs and decorations that manufacturers of this piece of fashion accessory had put into their work. They have succeeded in making the unimportant to be important.

Scarves can be worn in various manners by women; it all depends on what the individual person sees as fitting for them. Some people will fold their scarf into a triangle and drape it on their head; they complete the move by tying the two small angles of this triangle into knot at the back of their head. The biggest angle is now allowed to dangle at the back of their head.

There are some other women who would rather drape the scarf around their neck and leave it so. One beautiful thing about the fashion accessory called scarf is that it is quite versatile. It can be used on any form of attire. Wherever you may have need of a scarf you will always find a type of scarf or a particular design that will suit your desire of the fashion accessory.

The scarf had been able to metamorphose through quite a number of eras, each era defer by the type of designs and decoration that are found on this fashion accessory. These designs make the scarf very adaptable to any kind of weather and any kind of attire.
When next you want to go in purchase of your scarf, make sure that you purchase more than one type of these women fashion accessory. You will need to keep in mind that your ward robe has more than one color of dress. This then should be able to sensitize you to the need of getting more than one color-type of scarf.

There are quite a number of departmental stores around where you can lay your hands on the scarf. These departmental stores have quite a collection of women fashion accessories that will be able to bring to fore whichever your choice of scarf color or design is.
If what you want is that trendy look that makes you look as innocent as looks can get, then make a scarf part of your attire next time you wanna dress up.

Fashion Tips

How to Wear a Belt

So many people make belt an important fashion accessory to their appearance. A belt was only seen as a necessity rather than a fashion accessory some times ago in the fashion world. But as times went on people began to discover the pep that one can add to one’s appearance by wearing a belt to set ones appearance apart from the crowd. A belt had now become a fashion accessory that can speak volume along side other types of clothing an individual can be putting on. The belt is used by both male and female, this makes it to be able to pass conveniently as a male and female fashion accessory.

The other great thing about the usage of a belt is that it is quite applicable in any kind of weather, be it winter, summer, spring or autumn. Adding the proper kind and design of belt to your appearance in any of these seasons will go a long way in adding color and specialty to your general looks.

This fashion accessory also can be used along with any kind of attire, be it sweater, a button down cloth, a nice looking skirt or any other attire on which you may like to use the belt.

It will be great if you can lay your hands on belts of various shades and colors. This will enable you to be able to make the right selection of belt for any of the attires you may have the intention of wearing. So while shopping for this fashion accessory, don’t limit yourself to purchasing only one type of color. Don’t forget that the singular color you buy may not be able to match some of your dresses quite well.

While putting on a gown, you can look for a matching belt to add as a fashion accessory to it. Place the belt conveniently on the dress and look for a matching leggings to add to the attire to make it complete. The color of your belt does not necessarily need to be the same as the color of your dress, but make sure that the colors are matching.

Someone who is thin in the tummy area may want to make use of a thicker belt while someone with obvious tummy will look better with a thinner belt on the mid waist region
You can make use of this fashion accessory on any type of dress. If your dress is for office purpose, you can always add some pep to it by putting on a suitable belt. There are certain evening or dinner dresses that can look perfect with a belt around your waist. Your work denim jeans will look very appealing with a nicely designed belt hanging around the waist


How to Clean Suede

Suede materials are not quite easy to come by. In fact it takes only those who know how to maintain the shoes to be able to wear it conveniently. It is a very great addition to fashion, in fact it is a special kind of fashion accessory that can add a lot of respectability to your attire. But the truth of the matter is that whosoever is ready to purchase this fashion accessory must also be ready to purchase what it take s to maintain it.

In the dusty kind of environment, a suede shoe is not the kind that can easily be enjoyed. So for you to be able to enjoy this fashion accessory in any kind of place whatsoever, you will need to be ready to carry out constant cleaning operation on it.

The surface of all the types of suede materials that we have are susceptible to easy scuffing and it can get so easily dirty. Those who use any suede material will be able to agree with me that suede materials are far from being easy to clean. Ordinary brushing of the materials will not be enough to return it to its natural appearance again. The fashion accessory requires more than that.

There are simple protective or maintenance actions you can carry out on your suede materials that can help you keep the material from getting spoilt too quickly. Do not allow even a drop of water to stay too long on the materials. Each time you notice that there is a drop of water, please wipe it off instantly. If not, the water will soak into the fabric and the damaging process will begin.

Some people do make the mistake of applying heat to dry these fashion accessories. This is a very bad practice. It is better to allow the suede material to dry out naturally on its own after it might have been wetted. Suede tends to collapse and loose their original shape after being wetted. To make sure that this is never the case, it is better to stuff the suede material with some dry paper so that it will be able to maintain its shape.

When you want to clean your suede material, you can use either clan towel or a napkin to clean the surface. If you notice any small wet stain, quickly blot it out using a paper towel. If the stain is dry anyway, a good pencil eraser will go a long way in helping you to do the cleaning.

If you notice any clump of dirt on the fashion accessory, it will be best to clean it up with a fingernail file, but if this is not available you can make use of a clean dry tooth brush.


Guide to Wearing Revealing Clothes

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Revealing clothes can be a great idea on how to appear in a rather warm night. It allows the breeze to crease the upper part of your body and gives you a rather free feeling; since it isn’t the best idea to appear in turtleneck in such an environment.

The truth about this kind of dress is that, if care is not taken, wearing it may make certain individuals misunderstand your appearance and then conclude to take liberty with you. You shouldn’t forget the common saying that instructs that you should ‘dress as you will be addressed’.

You should never be deceived by the lifestyles of actresses and other celebrities who are in the custom of showing off too much than the public needs to see. You are not a celebrity, so there is no point in making your life unnecessarily complicate by trying to do what they do. Being like these celebrities will only label you wrongly in the eyes of the public.

But if you still find that clothe very irresistible and you will want to have that revealing clothe, you can actually do that and still appear modest. There are certain guidelines that you will need to apply to make this possible.

You will need to know that it will not be great for a woman who is rather voluminous on the bottom side to wear a dress with top having low cut. The two of them being emphasized is never the best of idea, since it does not portray any sign of modesty.

If the revealing clothe reveals some cleavage, it is great for you not to allow the cleavage to be excessively revealed. If you do, you will be causing heads to turn for the wrong reason. You will also be starting a conversation for the very wrong purpose. A slip dress that just grazes the bust or falls into a low “V” shape at the centre of the bust is a rather modest way to wear that revealing clothe.

You should also try to avoid a revealing clothe that is way above the knee. The best type of revealing clothe that will sufficiently look modest on you is one that is some considerable distance below the knee. The kind of design that these revealing clothe is given can also help to remove attention from your cleavage and set the gaze on your general appearance.

In case of a skirt, it is not so appropriate or modest to wear a skirt that is way too high. You will need to limit the wearing of such garment to very hot weather like the summer. In place of such skirt, you can also make use of a short with an appropriate top.

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